June 2017
Limeparts delivers and mounts 300 m² Aluminum cladding cassettes for the renovation of Valvan in Menen (Kortrijk)

April 2017
For the new headquarters of Ores in Charleroi, Limeparts was chosen as the supplier for the 4.500m² aluminium cassette façade cladding.

March 2017
Limeparts mounts 3300m² of cassette façade cladding for Hexos in Hamm, near Luxemburg.

February 2017
Limeparts will participate in Architect@Work inKortrijk Expo on the 27th and 28th of April 2017. After the introduction in 2016 in Luxemburg, the AluX extrusion profiles will be placed in the spotlight at this fair too.


April 2016

Launch of AluX by Limeparts at Architect @ Work Luxembourg 2016 


February 2015 

The Brussels hospital group including Edith Cavell invest in new premises. Limeparts supplies and mounts for this new premises in Oudergem, Belgium a cassette based ceiling concept.

January 2015

Both Kärcher and Aldi have chosen Limeparts wall cladding solutions. Kärcher headquarters based in Antwerp will be equipped with ventilated aluminium cassettes giving the building the appropriate esthetical character suited to the leading market position Kärcher has within its segment. For the construction of a new Aldi warehouse in Suarlée the aluminium cassette wall cladding has been chosen thanks to the ATG certification of Limeparts.


December 2014
The outer wall of the prestigious building ‘Zuidzicht’ phase 2 in Hasselt will be covered with the Limeparts lamelle cassette system. This variant on the standard cassette system anticipates the demand for aesthetic wall cladding with finer and more rigid elements.

September 2014

EUROSTATION, owner of most of the train stations in Belgium, has granted Limeparts the delivery and the mounting of cassettes for the walls and the pillars for Brussels South Railway Station.

June 2014

Architects A2O has won the Arch School Award within the category «Renovation & Extensions» for the renovation of the College Virga Jesse in Hasselt (B). Limeparts supplied the modern, tight and perforated aluminium façade with respect of the old classified existing façade.

March 2014  

Limeparts has been granted the complete finishing of the new facade of the Ethias Insurance building in Charleroi (B).  Not only mounting the traditional cassettes, but all finishing including extruded lamellae system are part of the order.

February 2014  

Limeparts will, on top of all outside metal cladding, supply and mount the interior metal cladding for the new premises of NATO in Brussels (B). A mixture of lacquered and perforated plane aluminium cassettes is an additional part of the deal.


December 2013

Limeparts will supply part of the façade for the new buildings of the High School Artesis in Antwerp, Belgium. On top of this new order, we received the order for the second phase of the renewal of the ETAP premises in Malle, Belgium.

June 2013

Limeparts will not only supply the aluminium façade to a new Evonik Degussa project but also integrate LED technology.

June 2013

BMW Belgium builds a new selling point in Evere (Brussels). Limeparts already executed the facades in aluminium for several other selling points and has also been chosen as partner for the execution of this project.

May 2013

Limeparts redesigns its strategy for the French Market based on a new signed agreement with Look Façade. Look Façade, based in Paris, has a proven competence in supporting the design and development of metal façade solutions within a network of architects, general contractors and metal builders all over France. Limeparts will give Look Façade all necessary support out of Belgium for sustainable and adequate offerings.

May 2013

Limeparts started the mounting of 4000 m2 of steel cassettes for Solaris, close to Paris.  Solaris Énergie Positive® is a concept for renewal of positive energy for buildings (BEPOS) developed by SERCIB France.

April 2013

Limeparts will supply the aluminium façade system for the prestigious Balard project in Paris (+/- 6500 m2). This project regroups on one site the ministry of Defence and its services as well as several headquarters of the French Army. This project is better known as "the Pentagone français" or "Balardgone". The total renovation is estimated up to 390.000 m2 of offices.

January 2013

* With the order for the realization of rigid white cassettes for the façade cladding of the White Princess project in Koksijde (B), Limeparts strengthens its presence in East- and West-Flanders.







* ETAP, manufacturer of industrial lighting from Malle (B), chose Limeparts as partner for the renovation of the façade cladding for their new showroom.

* Limeparts enjoys the honour of being the first company in Belgium, receiving the Qualisteel certificate. On January 26, this certificate has been officially handed over to Limeparts by the VOM (Assocation for surface finishing techniques), in presence of the press. Qualisteel fits perfectly in our company vision, to deliver the best possible quality to our customers.

* Aelterman, market leader in the construction of bridges all over Europe, has chosen steel cassettes for the renovation of its major building in Gent Harbour. Limeparts major USP, one stop shop, offering complete service from engineering up to mounting, was the parameter for Aelterman to grant Limeparts the order.


November 2012

After realization of the façade cladding for the NATO, Limeparts will also do the cladding of several buildings on the SHAPE-site in Bergen (B); this is part of the complete modernization of their buildings.

August 2012

* Limeparts receives the opportunity to release its creativity on a small but unique project at the Vlerick Management School in Brussels.

* Limeparts has made a success of the Deventrade project in Deventer (the Netherlands); a project with aluminium 3mm powdercoated cassettes.

July 2012

Limeparts invests. Limeparts adds a new punching machine to its machinery, in order to support its continuing growth, in both subcontracting as in projects.

June 2012

Limeparts was assigned to realise the renovation of the façade cladding of AZ Jan Palfijn in Gent. Limeparts has been choosen for its wide range of rigid cassettes, perforated cassettes and curved façade elements, with integration of decorated sills.










February 2012

Limeparts realises the aluminium façade cladding of the upstairs of the State Archives Center in Brussels.

January 2012

Limeparts has been awarded to realise the façade cladding of the 2nd phase of the NATO, Wings. This cladding will be a combination of rigid cassettes, faceted cassettes and roof finishing cassettes.


November 2011:
Limeparts renovates the interior and exterior cladding and the project casings of the Palais de Justice de la Communauté Européenne in Luxemburg City in anodised and painted aluminium.

November 2011:
Limeparts was assigned the delivery and installation of the steel cassette exterior walls for phase 1 of the new buildings of NATO in Evere.

October 2011:
The final delivery of the Court House in Hasselt is successfully concluded. The contractor and architect praise the quality of the perforated aluminium cassette exterior wall and the dependability of the co-operation with Limeparts.