Facade cassettes made of composite are perfect for modern, flat facades. The clean look of the large cassette is further reinforced by the sharp corners. The composite sheets are folded and therefore deeply milled, right through the plastic core. The result: a super sleek facade with extremely sharp lines thanks to the small bending radius.

The composite cassettes have a PVDF paint like finish. This offers a huge range of colors and surface finishes. Perfect to give a unique character to a building!

The composite of the panels consists of three layers:
  • Aluminum Almg1 0.5mm
  • A polymer or polyethylene intermediate layer of 3 or 5 mm
  • Aluminum Almg1 0.5mm

Surface finish:
  • Anodization with a minimum of 20μm (natural, bronze or champagne)
  • PVDF coating of ± 25μm according to ECCA guidelines (available in various colors)

Max. dimensions:
Depending on the application with a maximum of 5900 x 1800mm