AluX by Limeparts

"Free creativity with architectural wall cladding in aluminium"

A solid façade solution in every possible colour. Without compromises in the area of design. With AluX by Limeparts you enjoy limitless freedom of design.

The AluX by Limeparts range consists of six types of profiles in aluminium that you can combine horizontally and vertically however you wish.

Constrained minimalistic or lavishly expressive. Repetitive or free-hand. Give each design a unique character !

The extrusion profiles are easy to install and require a minimum of study time. In other words: 

AluX is the budget friendly and creative choice for every façade, whether small or large.

With the new AluX extrusion profiles of Limeparts you will be the winner time and time again. You benefit from unprecedented design freedom for the façade. You keep the budget of your customer under control, thanks to low study costs and easy installation. And you limit the environmental impact of your design. As a very deliberate decision, Limeparts produces the extrusion profiles from recycled aluminium with characteristics that have the same quality as the primary variety.

Because of this, AluX is the ideal choice for meeting certain durability standards (BREEAM, for example). And this is accomplished without any loss of construction or aesthetic quality !

JOIN THOSE WHO DESIGN WITH AluX. Take advantage of Limeparts' new façade system !